Inoculate Your Reputation Against Negative Situations

A key element of crisis planning is anticipating vulnerabilities before the storm clouds roll in.

Any organization – nonprofit groups, consumer products, professional services, government agencies, you name it – is at risk of losing confidence from stakeholders.  From mismanagement to product recalls, malpractice to malfeasance and so on, any number of events can impact an ability to conduct business and negatively affect reputation.

Without a plan in place, a crisis can quickly escalate beyond control, leaving it to others (consumers, media, regulators, advocacy groups, plaintiffs’ attorneys) to shape perceptions.  In looking at events in 2011 that impacted the food industry, for example, organizations can learn how to build or modify their crisis plans, as described recently in a guest opinion column in The Packer.


About Mike Rose
Communications geek; crisis, strategy, planning junkie (adrenaline rush); Boston sports homer; hockey nut; recovering print journalist (on the wagon since ’95). Views expressed are mine and mine alone, and not influenced by Sporty (daughter), Ryder (dog), Bo the Cool Little Dude (guinea pig) or employer (check writer). Not so new at writing or blogging, but a horrible novice a design and programming -- and I welcome and beg for any hints, tips, advice.

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