Coaches, Leaders Failed in Going the Extra Distance

Main entrance of Old Main, at Penn State Unive...

Main entrance at Penn State University (Image via Wikipedia)

Happy Valley has a frown on its face – a sad and ashamed Nittany Lion.

In an earlier post, I touched upon how a poisoned corporate culture can paralyze an organization.  In the midst of crisis, that culture comes bubbling to the surface, defining true character that will guide or topple any organization experiencing turmoil.

The apparent culture at Penn State University is to tuck issues under the rug, get by with doing the bare minimum and CYA.  And that’s what broke the moral compass at PSU. Without a complete gutting of those in the know of the horrific acts that occurred on campus, the long-storied state university – “Success With Honor” – will be vilified in historic proportions.

At the onset of any potential crisis, doing what’s right is paramount – regardless of repercussions – and that includes going the extra distance.  What did you know, when did you know and what actions did you take?  These are tenets of crisis management.

If it was fourth and one with the game on the, Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary would have gone for it; with children’s safety on the line, the two coaches and the university punted.